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Fiery Chariot Home

VBS – Spacequest 2012

Last week and the preparation weeks prior, I had the opportunity to witness and help with the Vacation Bible School event at our church. I was able to create a postcard for promotion and a video presentation to show at the Sunday gathering following the finish. Both results are below.

VBS 2012 postcard

In the video below most of the photos were taken by James Minor who did a excellent job. I had the video camera the whole time. I’ll post a bunch of the other video clips at some point in the future. Unfortunately I had to leave out a lot of good footage.

RENEW – LCC Sermon Series Logo

And here’s the next almost forgotten piece I made. It was designed as an image tying together the sermon series focused on re-focusing and growth. Having the freedom to go in many different directions I went with a seedling and chose a font that I felt was appropriate and fit well. The roots represent being founded in Christ and God’s word while the leaves breaking free from the shell show growth in the Light.

Renew logo

What direction might you have gone if faced with the same task?

Light 4 Love Logo

It’s been a while I know. I’ve been busy. This post and the next couple most likely will include some of my work that is sort of more recent. I’ve been going through organize my hard drive and trying to collect some of the creative works I haven’t yet posted anywhere.

Soo, here’s the first one. It’s a logo I created for a lady with a heart for orphan ministries. She wants to get this organization off the ground at some point and is just waiting for God’s timing. The concept work was already all decided. I simply prettied it up some and made it vector.

Light for Love logo

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments

Green Screening : Attempt 1

So I had the opportunity to play with color keying (green screening) recently really for the first time. It was fun and I learned a lot for the next time. The resulting video is below. There are a bunch of fixes and changes I would have made, but when you have a time limit and are working with volunteers you are restricted.

I did have fun making this video. Plus it’s always a bonus getting to work with the youth group.

One thing for sure when the next time comes, I know that if possible I should test and play with the lighting prior to the final filming, in order to have a crisper effect in the end.

Have you ever played with color keying? Share your experience. Also, I’d love to know what you think of this video.

This Week’s Special Day (#3)


Cereal Day – March 7th

For the third edition of Special Day of the Week we’re celebrating CEREAL DAY. Be ready for more “days of the week” announcements to come.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good bowl of cereal every now and again

Star Wars Cereal!


Have you seen any particularly cool cereal uses? Perhaps a sculpture or recycled box… Share with me your unique cereal experience.