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WHUFL designs

Over a month ago I finally made the time to come up with some designs for WHUFL merchandise. I setup a Cafepress shop for them. Here’s some of the results. All of the silhouettes are from actual WHUFL players. No stock anything. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment.

LCC promo card

Here’s the business card I created early this week as something to give to the community with Lakeside’s info. We needed something to go in our goody bags of candy for the trick or treaters and this is it. What do you think?

Ready. Fire. Aim.

I’ve decided I’ve been waiting too long. I need to just start doing and stop planning and preparing. So on that note, the blog begins. The aiming will happen as I move forward. To start, I’d simply like to mention a few things occurring presently. Today was the last day of WHUFL for this season. [...]