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This Week’s Special Day #1

  National Kazoo Day – January 28th   This is the first edition of Special Day of the Week post. You can look forward to future posts to enjoy celebrations of an interesting or odd special recognized day of the year. I plan on choosing no more than one a week. This. Is. Awesome!   [...]


Indeed. There is nothing quite like a catapult made to carry in your pocket. For the last couple years I’ve become a bit of a creative business card junkie. This one is one of my favorites.  

By B’s Hands business card

Had the opportunity to work up some designs for a small handmade jewelry company. Betsy (B in B’s Hands) already had the idea for the look of the logo. My job was to build it up a little, vectorize it, and fit it into a business card that capture the best feel for her side [...]