Fiery Chariot Home

Metal Men

These just make me all giddy. I love this guy’s sculptures. Fun fun. Yup, I totally need to make some. Go check out his other bots. Which one’s your favorite?

Project Future #1

    Because I tend to forget most of the project ideas that pop in my head, I’m going to try jotting some of my ideas down here to reference at a later time. We’ll see how this works. As an added bonus, you can send your feedback on my project thoughts. It might help [...]

Paul did evil & so do I

Heard a good sermon today. There’s a bunch of stuff in it that I’d like to stick with me. aaand Enter today’s post. To start, I’d like to remember that it is foolish to think that I (or you) are the only one who struggles with falling into sin all while knowing it is sin. [...]

This Week’s Special Day (#2)

  Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day – February 7th   This is the second edition of Special Day of the Week post. You can look forward to future posts to enjoy celebrations of an interesting or odd special recognized day of the year. I plan on choosing no more than one a [...]

And They All Came Tumbling Down

People are crazy. But it is fun to watch them. You can find building blocks anywhere… or just use your friends.