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Who likes to randomly pass out? Syncope = Not Fun

So interesting thing happened Sunday the 30th of October, buuuut before I get to that, let me set the scene.

The Sunday before Halloween approaches. The weathermen all agree, a weekend storm will dump 5 to 11 inches of snow on our chilled October soil. Lame, but oh well. Here’s hoping for a small heat wave lasting from now until Christmas to offset the much too early army of snow-people that gathered up all around.

Moving along. I had the privilege to join the youth group in a video scavenger hunt Saturday afternoon and evening. The kids in my group had a slow start, but rocked it out in the end and to my surprise took the trophy… despite my noob iPhone 4 video skills. Yeah, I might have maybe sorta filmed the first 4 or 5 videos upside down. Heh.

Chomping down an early (early for me that is), but satisfying spaghetti dinner we herded into the Sanctuary to watch the videos. After some laughs and award presentations, I proceeded outside into the darkness of night for some dimly lit parking lot snowball fights. Nothing extreme, but just a lil bit of playfulness in the early stages of the storm. When my wife arrived after the festivities, we headed down the road to spend the night at a friend’s house to make for easier travel to church the following morning.


A member of the Scots Guards faints during the Colonel's Review, on Horse Guards Parade, Westminster


Waking up early, we discovered the morning service was still a go even with most of the church families being without power. After shoveling out the end of the drive way, Evangeline and I cautiously made our way to the Church building early enough for her to take advantage of running showers before the service began. Well the service went well with the few that made the trip and at 12:30ish we rose from our seats.

Alright. Finally onto the weird kinda embarrassing part. After having a couple quick catch up conversations with friends and after pretty much everyone had left the building, my pastor, Evangeline and I were left in the sanctuary talking, when suddenly I felt really warm and uncomfortable. I managed to unzip my jacket and get the words out “I don’t feel so good” before Boom. I was out. Yup, I passed out while standing there in mid-conversation. And upon waking up feeling like I just took a nice long nap, I was slightly confused for a moment as my vision focused on the image of pastor Barry’s face directly in front of me. Glancing over, I quickly came to the conclusion, “this is not my bed… oh, I know what just happened… poop”. Needless to say Evangeline and Barry were both a little freaked out I think. Oh and me too. While it was happening, Evangeline was the one that quickly moved over to catch me. After a second of trying to manage my heap of dead weight Barry took over and managed to drag me to some chairs. They said I was out for 30 seconds or more.

So, I think I might start a list – Things I’ve done that I’d wouldn’t recommend

  • Number one – Don’t drop a giant bag of rocks onto your nose
  • Number two – Don’t throw rocks down a road when expensive rear windshields are present
  • Number three – Don’t pass out while standing on a cement floor at Church (or any other hard surface for that matter)

Yes, I’ve gone to the doctor. No, they don’t think it’s anything serious.

Have any of you ever passed out, or been around while someone else has? What’s your story?

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